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Welcome to the second edition of Steal Her Workout Style, a series of interviews with amazing women who have their own unique sense of fit-style and put their fashion choices through their paces by wearing them during real-life workouts (complete with real-life sweat!).

My subject for this month is the lovely Elle Linton, a Personal Trainer, Sport Development Professional and Health & Fitness Blogger at Keep It SimpELLE  and the creator of the London Bloggers group. Inspirational is a word that gets thrown around a lot within blogging circles, but for me, Elle really is inspirational. She seems to live at a million miles a limit (I love reading about all her fitness adventures and vicariously getting my fit-thrills!) and yet she is always a bundle of positivity and is incredibly generous with her time and energy.


Elle Linton Keepitsimpelle

Photo Credit: Georgina Ellis at Fitcetera 2015

Describe your workout style in three words
Simple, classic, tight

What is your favourite piece of fitness apparel and why?
Has to be my footwear. I always ensure I’m wearing the right footwear for the workout whether it be running, gym, CrossFit etc. Footwear is designed to work with your feet – so for running, the shoes will support you in a forward motion only. This means if you wear your running shoes to go to Zumba you won’t be supported for the sideways movements and all the jumping. The right footwear ensures you get the most out of your workout and can perform to your maximum!

What one item/accessory has made your workout life easier?
A huge bag with compartments! My bag needs to fit everything I need for the day, from clothes to extra shoes, my lunch and snacks, my diary, laptop …then for when I go swimming or have a particularly sweaty workout, it needs to hold all that gear and protect my dry stuff! Having a bag that can fit all this makes my workout life so, so very much easier!

How does your training routine affect your fashion choices (if at all)?
I basically live in sweat wicking, fast drying clothes! I try as hard as I can to mix it up with a few normal pieces every now and again! So my training routine definitely affects my fashion choices! I need to know that the outfit I chose for that day can get me through work (either in store or in and office at a studio) through to teaching, maybe my own workout and then socialising (casually) at the end of the day! I think that’s quite a lot to ask for?! Sometimes I just have to swap / add a layer and maybe change my shoes and it works!

If you could only wear one fitness brand for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

This is a tough question! I think I would pick either lululemon or Topshop! If I had to choose an athletic wear brand it would be lululemon based on the fact that they have an awesome ‘to & from’ range which are “normal looking” clothes made with technical fabrics. If it wasn’t a sportswear brand that I had to choose but to wear for being active it would be TopShop – they always have great simple pieces in that you can sweat in and look like you walked straight out of the trendiest studio in East London!

Where is your favourite place to shop for fitness clothing and why?
One place I think that is a hidden gem for shopping for fitness wear is NEXT. They have quite an extensive range of stuff both branded and their own label! Sometimes they even have exclusive stuff you can’t find on the high street!

Function or fashion – what drives most of your fitness clothing purchases?
FUNCTION. Every second, of every day!!!

Complete these sentences:
I splurge on …. bags and jackets!
I save on …. tops and vests!
I always have …food and snacks… in my gym bag
You will never catch me wearing …. the colour red!

Massive thanks to Elle for being such a fabulous Steal Her Workout Style interviewee. You can catch up with Elle’s adventures at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram