Aspire Channel Swim 2015

I am taking part in the Aspire Channel Swim 2015 challenge.

Earlier this year I started swimming lessons at my local leisure centre and I even took part in Swimathon back in April (although I did the team challenge and I made my husband swim most of it). I returned to lessons this week after the summer break and while I was talking about what I’d like to achieve this term, I realised that I might need something to keep me motivated to go to the pool on those dark, cold winter nights when the idea of trekking home from the leisure centre with wet hair is distinctly unappealing.

Less salt water, more swimming pool

The Aspire Channel Swim is a 12 week challenge that involves swimming 22 miles (the length of the English Channel) and you can enter individually or as a team. I’ve chosen the team option because a ‘good’ swim session for me is about 20 lengths and I calculated that I’d have to do about 120 lengths every week in order to cover the distance by myself. My husband, my mum and my aunt will be joining me on Team Turtle Power and you can keep an eye on our fundraising efforts via our JustGiving page.

Team Turtle Power Logo

Team Turtle Power logo designed by Ravna-Resta for The Workout Life


Although I signed up to this challenge with the hope that I’ll improve my swimming technique from ‘flailing and frantically trying not to drown’ to ‘quite competent, all things considered’, I’m also doing it to raise money for Aspire. Every eight hours someone is paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury. It can happen to anyone at any time, and there is currently no cure. Every pound that Team Turtle Power raise means that Aspire can provide practical help to a spinal injured person, allowing them to live a more independent life, every single donation can help make a difference. You can find out more about Aspire from their website and if you fancy taking on the Channel Swim challenge you can read all the details here.