Welcome to The Workout Life! I’m Christine and this blog is all about my quest to find the perfect workout/work/life balance.

I’ve been blogging on and off for about 5 years, initially as a way to document my training for the 2012 Brighton Marathon. I thought having  a back catalogue of horror stories about pulled hamstrings and lost toenails would be a great way to emotionally blackmail my friends and family into sponsoring my marathon efforts without becoming one of those people that spams your Facebook feed with humble brags about their latest run. Back then I seemed to have oodles of time on my hands for training, evidenced by the fact that my main concern (after actually having to run 26 miles) was not being able to find much in the way of stylish running wear.

Then things started to happen in other areas of my life. My long term boyfriend briefly became my fiancé and then my husband, so I pretty much spent nine months wedding planning and am still adjusting to being a proper grown up. I moved house twice in the space of six months. I got promoted at work – suddenly I had a major project of my own to run and people to boss around. I signed up for several courses to gain additional professional qualifications, so I had to find ways to fit studying around a full time job. I had some horrible health issues that set back my plans and made training seem insignificant in the scheme of things (although I am delighted to say these have all been resolved).

All the changes – apart from the health issues – have been really positive but my life doesn’t really look like it did three years ago. I’ve realised that my biggest challenge isn’t a time-limited goal based project like a marathon but successfully balancing my professional and personal lives with my workout life, so on this site you’ll find everything from sneaky commuter workouts and my favourite healthy lunches to eat al desko to serious training goals to what I’m reading, where I’m going and what I’m buying at the moment.